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 Plug: "Y" Power Splitter
Once you have purchased a few of our awesome electronic moving butterflies, dragonflies and moths you may wish to attach some of their power cords together so that you won't be using up too many electrical outlets. Consolidate your use of electrical outlets by buying one or more Y-Plug Power Splitters. Add-on Kits already come with a Y-Plug Power Splitter instead of an AC adapter; Complete Kits come with an AC Adapter instead of a Y-Plug Power Splitter, that's the only difference between the two Kits. Using Y-Plugs, we suggest that you connect a maximum of 3-4 moving electronic insects to one AC Adapter for optimal effect. For more detailed information about how to connect your electronic moving insects together for home, office or large commercial displays please feel free to email us or call the customer service department using our toll free number 888-244-4059.

Y-Plug Power Splitter

Size: 0.8"x5.3"
Type: accessory
Item#: E06802ACY
Price: $4.50
Electronic Moving Butterfly, Moth and Dragonfly Accessories

Price: $7.50

Price: $4.50

Price: $4.50

Price: $6.50

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