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 Phodreticus Insect - Suspended in Glass
Phodreticus is a stick insects (or Phasmida) and mimics the appearance of a stick and/or a leaf. Especially with its wings are closed it can be very difficult to tell that its not part of a plant. As a defense, all stick insects possess a pair of exocrine glands inside their prothorax and in several species, these glands can be made to discharge an irritating, tear gas-like spray. Males of many of the stick insect species also possess a unique sclerite termed the vomer that is located above its genitalia and permits males to clasp hold of females during the mating process. Many times people see boring placid twigs, when in fact they are looking at a stick insect. Some species of stick insects have very interesting self-defense tactics that includes using their spiny legs to punch when they are being threaten and they are even prepared to shed a leg in order to escape. If they do loose a leg, pre-adult stick insects are capable of re-growing it later. Now is your chance to have your own real stick insect with every limb fully intact inside a double-glass pinewood frame for your 360 degree viewing pleasure.

Phodreticus - Double Glass Frame

Size: 8.5"x10.5"
Item#: 08603
Price: $149.06
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