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If you, or someone you know, is looking for the ultimate large framed butterfly collection we have it! Spectacular large butterfly groups and more mid-sized Morpho butterfly arrangements in picture frames encompasses over one-hundred unique species of beautiful and colorful butterflies ripe for the picking. There are also some very unique and intensely arranged blue butterflies including one set that contains several members of the Morpho species making a brilliant, yet totally blue, natural display of insects. The wings of the Blue Morpho butterflies (Peleides Hyacinthus) sparkle like jewels in the sunlight. As one of natures most iridescent surfaces found in nature any group of butterflies in picture frames will compliment your home, small office, waiting room, living room or anywhere you have a wall that you would like to turn into a colorful natural masterpiece!
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Monarch butterflies are known by scientists and entomologists alike as Danaus plexippus, which translated from Greek literally means "sleepy transformation". The name evokes the species' ability to hibernate and metamorphize. Usually adult Monarch butterflies live only for about four to five weeks. As autumn approaches a very special generation of butterflies is born, the annual creation of the unique "Methuselah generation." Unlike their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents - all of whom had ephemeral lives measured in the weeks - Methuselah generation butterflies survive seven to eight months. In human terms, with an average life span of 75 years, this would be like having children who lived to be 525 years old! The reason for this is that the Methuselah generation must perform the incredible feat of flying from Canada and/or the United States to the center of Mexico - after which they begin their journey Northward again. Once they reach the United States, a kind of relay race begins between their short-lived offspring. Since they only have four or five weeks to live they will have to continue making the trek Northward using several generations of butterflies.
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