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 Insect in Acrylic Colors Keychain
Insects have played significant roles in mythology for Centuries. All cultures use myth to explain what they think they are seeing or just can't fully understand. As prevalent as insects are, it makes sense that there are myths on their origin, and myths that paint insects as more symbolic. For example, the expression "busy as a bee" indicates a cultural recognition for bees reputation as hard workers. Similar to this the Egyptians gave credit to the fly for its persistence which might be more difficult to find honorable since they are so persistent about trying to eat off of our diner plates. The insect key chain below comes in a blue acrylic color, where as most of the other keychains we offer for sale are clear. Each insect in an acrylic colored keychain is designed with excellent craftsmanship and makes a long lasting insect gift when given to others or purchase as a gift to oneself.

Insect Acrylic Colors Keychain

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