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 Horned Rhino Beetle in a Picture Frame
Said to be the strongest creature on Earth, relative to its proportional size, the five horned rhino beetle can carry up to 850 times its bodyweight. Many people, especially in Asia, keep these intricately horned creatures as pets. In fact, one of the largest beetles to in Southern Africa is a rhinoceros beetle (Scarabaeinae dynastinae). Both male and female rhino beetles are horned, but only the males are known to use their horned heads aggressively to fight their rivals. Rhino beetles also use their horns to dig, climb and mate with females. Once you've added a five horned rhino beetle to your wall everyone will know you mean business!

5 Horn Rhino Beetle - Double Glass Frame

Size: 5.5"x6.75"
Frame: wood
Item#: 08281
Price: $68.58
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