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 Green Beetle Species Swarm Framed
The Coleopteran, or the beetle family, includes many commonly encountered insects such as ladybird beetles (family Coccinellidae), click beetles (Elateridae), scarabs (Scarabaeidae), and even fireflies (Lampyridae). Beetles live nearly everywhere throughout the world (except Antarctica), but are most specious in the tropics. One of the most unusual properties of beetles is not their structure or natural history, but their sheer numbers. There are more known species of Coleoptera than for any other group of organisms, with over 350,000 described species - and more still undiscovered. Perhaps the most famous quote about beetles came from the great population geneticist J.B.S. Haldane, who was asked: What might be learned about a Creator by examining the world? His response: "an inordinate fondness for beetles". Display these wonderful framed green beetles on your wall and you will find that you will definitely increase other people's fondness for these creatures as well.

A. Smaradipennis Green Species Beetles - Black Frame

Size: 6.6"x6.6"
Frame: black
Item#: 08378
Price: $39.45
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