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 Giant Cicada Insect in a Picture Frame
Who among us hasn't heard the persistent hum of a Giant Cicada on a warm summer afternoon sometime in their life? Most everyone knows the sound and far less know the source, but few take time to see the noisy little buzzer who simply insists on being heard. The buzzing sound of a Cicada is produced by a pair of drum skin-like organs on the base of their abdomen. When they vibrate these at a high speed it is usually the male cicada calling for a mate, which can most often be heard between mid-July and mid-September. This particular Cicada is truly one of the most remarkable of the locust family because of its giant size and interesting colors. Every Giant Cicada comes well preserved and framed in a see through glass picture frame and makes a great educational tool and will compliment any insect collection.

Giant Cicada Insect in See Thru Glass Frame

Size: 7"x9.5"
Frame: wood
Item#: 08231
Price: $59.78
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