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 Framed Locust Insects & Cicada Insects
Here is your chance to get three different beautifully colored Locust insects, also known as Cicada insects. Their wing markings are just as impressive as you will find on any butterfly or moths and would be put to good use as an office or study wall decoration. In a way, Cicadas are an advance scout warning all who hear them that autumn is coming so enjoy the summer while you can. Generally speaking Cicadas have a life cycle that can last from one year to several years, most of their life is actually spent underground as a nymph feeding on the xylem fluids of plants which they get at by piercing their roots and sucking out the fluids. Some Locust insect species can take a very long time to develop, such as the periodical Cicadas of the genus Magicicada from North America that have a long 17 year life cycle. When you buy these framed insects below you'll be starting your collection with three different colorful Locusts exquisitely preserved in one classic wooden picture frame .

3 Cicadas Var Species - Black Frame

Size: 8.6"x11.8"
Item#: 08244
Price: $57.22

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