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 Family: Lycaenidae - Ant Eater "Blues"
Lycaenids are one of the biggest families of butterfly, with many different species. However, they are not found to be very common and are unfortunately often completely overlooked. The most familiar lycaenids are the blues (specifically displayed in the frame below), and then coppers and hairstreaks. Another fascinating fact about the lycaenid butterfly family is that many species have a strong association with ant species. While not all lycaenidae butterflies need ants, certain members of this family can only complete their life cycle in association with particular ant species. This is termed a myrmecophilous "love of ants" relationship. I would prefer a butterfly to get rid of the ants than to spray ant killer insecticide!

4 Lycaenid (Blue) Butterflies, Blue Matte - Black Frame

Size: 6.6"x6.6"
Frame: black
Item#: 07856
Price: $57.29

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