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 Cicada and Locust Insects in a Frame
There are more than 200 different Cicada (Locust) Species in the World. For an amazing assortment of some of the more colorful Locust insects buy the frame below that has them in formation. Cicadas / Locust insects are mainly warm/temperate and tropical habitat dwellers and are known for their sudden appearance in the hottest season of the year, their mysterious feeding habits, and above all their striking musical performances. Insects have been thought to be quite similar to mankind in many regards and with this thought in mind J. G. Myers, in his lovely book "Insect Singers", wrote the following: "It will not therefore surprise one to find the greatest musical artists of the insect world among its deepest drinkers." (Locust insect drink tree sap!) If you are a fan of exceptionally colorful Cicada / Locust insects then you'll love this framed masterpiece with every insect carefully placed with their wings exposed and outstretched for easy viewing.

5 Different Cicada Species - Black Frame

Size: 10.2"x11.4"
Item#: 08251
Price: $64.29
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