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  Buy a Stick Insect Bug - Phasma Gigas
One of the largest species of Stick insects, the earliest known Phasma dates back to 1852 and was found encased in a rock in Kenya. The word "Phasma" is actually Latin for "ghost", which is fitting since stick insects camouflage perfectly into their surroundings. They spread their wings out, when startled or when displaying, and the striking black and brown checkered wing patterns become remarkable with legs a brilliant shade of light green. Most large walking stick insects of this species dislike being handled and are very strong for their small size. They tend to wriggle around and kick their legs until they get away. Lucky for you... this one isn't going anywhere!

Phasma Gigas Large Winged Stick Insect - Black Frame

Size: 10.2"x11.4"
Item#: 08559
Price: $57.24
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