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 Bug Gift Pack for Boys
Have you ever noticed that just about every youngster is amazed by insects? What better way to help encourage their appreciation of insects than to get them one or more nicely packaged insect for their endless viewing pleasure. They are likely to want to show their new bug gift to all their friends and this may also inspire them to want to learn more about insects in the future. Each bug gift pack for boys comes with a unique and interesting insect in a cool colored gift box. It is always a lot of fun for the recipient to get surprised when they open their bug gift and see which one they have received! Every bug gift pack has a very interesting species of insect inside a gift box that can be appreciated by people of any age. They fit perfectly in classroom settings and they make it safe for students to study the insects up close without compromising their physical integrity since each bug is protected in a sealed frame.

Boys Pack Assorted Bug in Gift Box - Black Frame

Size: 5.2"x5.2"
Frame: black
Item#: 08657
Price: $27.28
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