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 Beautiful Butterfly Fashion Earrings

Not only do they cost considerably less, but our beautiful butterfly earrings also have more vivid colors than comparable butterfly earrings made in a ring of gold or sterling silver worn as fashion earrings, or as a necklace. Because a butterfly's color is derived from nature itself, it is only now that specialized laboratories and scientists are finally becoming even somewhat capable of mimicking the fidelity and iridescent properties of beautiful butterflies. That's why we use only 100% real butterflies and insects in our earrings and necklaces.

As the ultimate new fashion accessory, beautiful butterfly earrings will make your new style become trendy almost overnight. If this happens, you can move on to our more elegantly designed custom insect and butterfly fashion earrings as we provide new jewelry releases for our clientele worldwide.

Pick your favorite butterfly species and we can have it made into fashion earrings for you! We can also special order any insect or butterfly wing that you do not see listed on our web site and have it made into a custom necklace as well. However, any unlisted custom butterfly fashion earrings and butterfly necklace orders may take 8-10 weeks to produce and ship to your location [if it is not something we have in-stock]. For many butterfly enthusiasts this is the only option to get their preferred species as a hermetically protected pair of fashion earrings, or as a beautiful necklace. For years we have been helping our customers push the boundaries and get butterfly fashion merchandise that previously has not been made available to the public until now!

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