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 Acrylic Framed Butterflies - Display Box
The electric yellow orange-barred sulphur butterfly is just one of thousands of butterfly species found in North America. This highly colorful butterfly is lucky to still be in existence. Its brilliant yellow wings make it an easy target for predators to see, and when everyone can see you, how can you escape? Be as it may, these butterflies have had to fly faster and be quicker to survive, and fortunately the orange-barred sulphur butterfly has developed this skill well. Males have an orange bar on their forewing, and females have smoke-red borders on their hindwing. Found in this colorful display along side the orange-barred butterfly, you can see stunning blue butterflies like the morpho and ulysses butterflies.

Vertical Butterflies - Acrylic Frame

Size: 6"x24"
Item#: 07850
Price: $497.29
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