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Butterflies are relaxing and magical to watch in nature. Perhaps it is their colorful and graceful wings that make them truly one of natures most wonderful gifts. Maybe this is this reason why so many people desire to have beautiful butterflies inside their home! Having framed butterflies on your wall in a unique and artistic setting will remind you of the incredible delicateness of real butterflies. Framed butterflies capture the magnificent colors and shapes of these glamorous creatures without any damage to their wings. Framed butterfly art has become more popular recently due to butterfly enthusiasts that began to think that butterflies couldn't not be fully appreciated through just photographs alone. We offer butterflies in vertical frames with a variety of butterflies to choose from in elegant black frames and shadow box frames which will dress up and enhance any interior wall space.
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Butterflies in Group of 6

Eight Butterflies in Shadow Box Frame

Triple Vertical Blue Butterflies

Triple Vertical Green Butterflies

Triple Vertical Red Butterflies

Triple Vertical Yellow Butterflies

Five Vertical Butterflies

Vertical Group of 4


Besides having beautiful framed butterflies in your house you can also attract wild butterflies to your yard and garden quite naturally with the right plants! More specifically plants with suitable flowers from which each insect can obtain nectar. Both butterflies and moths live only on flower nectar sipped through their flexible and retractable tube-like proboscis"tongue" that uncoils to sip liquid food, and then coils it back up into a spiral when done slurping.

Most butterflies utilize a wide variety of flowers from which to feed, including many cultivated varieties of nectar sources. However, even more critical to their survival is for the plants that provide food for the larva-caterpillar stage, especially since most species only accept one or a limited few plant species at this stage. If you find butterflies near your area, increase their populations by planting the correct food plants for their caterpillars to feed on. Although caterpillars will need to feed on the leaves of these plants, the damage to them is usually minor and only of temporary consequence. Some caterpillar species feed on plants which we usually consider weeds, in this case you can benefit populations of these species by not removing all of the weeds.

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