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Tired of scouring the internet looking for the type of framed insects and butterfly gifts that you once saw at a Zoo, Natural History Museum or the County Fair? Look no further! This web site alone contains over 400 different insect items with pictures and facts. Not only can you learn a little bit about your favorite insect, while you're educating yourself you can also purchase them online or over the phone!

"The fact is, buying tropical insects for your collection may be the best investment you ever made in tropical forest protection."
            - Larry J. Orsak Ph.D., World Wildlife Fund Advisor

Nearly every framed and mounted insect imaginable can be found within our online catalog, plus we have two-dozen of the world's most realistic electronic butterflies, dragonflies, and moths with wings that move like real perched insects while only using 5 Watts of power and lasts for years with non-stop operation! As if that wasn't enough, we also offer live butterflies for release at weddings and special events along with custom printed envelopes (at no extra charge) and a variety of unique carrying baskets. Our range of insect products is so exhaustive that the only way to find what you're looking for is to start browsing now.

"First let me say well done for coming up with this site []. Only last night I was talking to another entomologist berating the fact that it is so difficult to get serious in depth information"
   - Andrew Smith, Entomologist

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Insect Frame Styles and Materials
Many of our insects come in frames that are made of timber look-alike materials (made from recycled computer parts and recycled paper) so that no trees have to be cut down for you to have beautiful insects on display in your home without having to contribute to deforestation. Frame styles range color from popular black, to classic faux mahogany, pine wood, designer faux gold framing, 100% see thru acrylic, double sided glass, and single sided glass. Often the matting comes in different pastel colors where described as such, but most of it is done in classic white matte. And as you would expect, the scientific name of the species is placed under each insect in the frame.

"I can admit that when I would see framed butterflies were for sale I assumed that populations of these insects in the wild were being depleted and exploited, but what I have learned to the contrary about your insects is not only interesting, its inspiring. Now I can feel good about buying framed insects knowing that I am doing my part to protect their environment by supporting rural insect farming operations across the world."
                            - Luke Stockett, Environmental Activist

We Don't Sell Endangered, Rare, or Protected Wildlife

No product that we sale is in any way considered endangered or rare. All of our framed butterflies and insects come from Government regulated butterfly farms located in the following countries: Philippines (run by Rural Filipino families), El Salvador (accompanied by wildlife reserves), Bolivia, and 15 other countries. Live Monarch butterflies come from California if they are ordered for use West of the Continental Divide whereas if they are ordered for use East of Continental Divide they will come from Florida. Live Painted Lady butterflies come exclusively from Florida.

Why Buying Framed Butterflies Doesn't Make Them Extinct

Many of our customers have the following concern "doesn't selling framed butterflies making some of the most beautiful butterfly and insects species extinct?" Even though many of the species that we sell are in fact extremely beautiful they are not rare, endangered, or going extinct. All of the insects we offer for sale come from butterfly farms that follow the respective Government regulations for their country of export. We would never support destroying nature's most beautiful insects!

Butterfly Farming Increases Butterfly Populations
Normally in the wild only about 7% of butterfly pupae survive to become butterflies. But what rural butterfly farmers do that is so wonderful is they collect the butterfly pupae, larvae, and catepillars off of plants and leaves and then place them in a shed filled with the foodstuff that they love to eat and by doing this they increases their survivabililty 10 times above the normal levels. This is what makes butterfly farming sustainable in the long term because they are giving back more than they are taking.

Framed Insects Help Preserve Tropical Rainforests
It may come as a surprise that far from destroying the environment, butterfly farming actually helps to preserve it by creating an incentive for jungles and rainforests to be maintained! Butterfly farming helps keep forest lands profitable without changing them at all and thereby holds off the constant threat of deforestation.

Conservation Jobs for Indigenous Peoples
Too long considered at odds, conservation and economic development go hand in hand with rural butterfly farming. Indigenous people who would otherwise be diplaced by the industrialized world are now given full-time jobs to maintain habitats for insects instead of those same habitats getting cut down for timber or used as cattle farms for American fastfood. online computer repair | online computer support | remote computer support | online tech support | tech support online | online virus removal Framed Butterflies Won't Fade or Degrade

Real butterflies wings won't fade as long as you keep them away from long-term exposure to direct sunlight. Every butterfly is sealed in a sturdy frame that protects it from the kind of deterioration that it would experience in nature. Under normal indoor lighting conditions you can expect your framed butterflies to maintain their luster for decades, at least!

No Questions Asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We promise that the insect items you order will look better in person than the pictures we use to present them with on this web site. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, simply return the items in the same condition in which they were sent and we will issue you a full refund, minus shipping and handling.

* Entomon is the ancient Greek word used by Aristotle to denote insects.

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